Progressive Web App

What is one? Well, that’s kind of easy and kind of surprising.


What is Github?

When we write an app, lots of developers need to be able grab the latest working copy of the code at any moment. That code lives in a repository (repo) and those repos often live on Github.

Github is a lot more than just a repository of repositories. It’s one of the few things that can’t be faked. Forget about your CV, as a developer it’s your Github profile which shows your mettle.


Smartphones make us dumb

Today I watched a typical 50 year old adult set up a new Nokia 2.1 Android phone. His old phone was Android, so the process basically consisted of signing in to Google and allowing the software to replicate the old phone from Cloud backups.

10 out of 10 for User Experience ease of achieving that daunting goal. But stop to think for a second about what that actually means in terms of where our most personal data lives. Is it any wonder we can be targeted so accurately? We think not, fraggles.

Nokia Dumb Phone

Thing is… privacy is way down the list of things my 50 year old Everyman gives a monkeys about. He just wants his new phone to be his old phone with all his messages, contacts and photos still there.

If we’re outsourcing the things our ancestors kept in their heads, what does that mean?

SaaS Tech

Monkey Seats

A Monkey Seat is an online service which costs around $500 per person per year.

In finance, a Monkey is British slang for 500 pounds sterling. The term monkey came from soldiers returning from India, where the 500 rupee note had a picture of a monkey on it. They used the term monkey for 500 rupees and on returning to England the saying was converted for sterling to mean £500.


Docs are important. It doesn’t matter how clever your code is, if people can’t follow what you’re doing, you’re wasting your time.

Is a constantly evolving set of docs whose aim is to provide all the resources and knowledge required to understand and make use of our open source projects and more.


Pleased to announce a new role

I’m very excited about my new role as Senior Frontend Developer at Rexlabs in Brisbane.

This is an opportunity to work for an actual industry success story. A prosperous software house, it employs around 60 engineers and makes really good software to the real estate industry.

“A team of entrepreneurs that seek to take complex problems and untangle them into simple, usable products.”

GPS Tech

GPX Replay

Coming soon from listingslab. Get more fun out of your GPS Wearable with GPX Replay.


How to make a symbolic link on mac

Let’s say you have a local instance of WordPress running on your MAMP server and for whatever reason you don’t want to develop your plugin or theme in the /wp-content/ directory.

That might be because of your git repository setup or because you want to sync your developing theme across many different versions of WordPress core for testing.

The answer (at least; if you are on mac) is to use a symlink, or a symbolic link.

A symlink is a term for any file that contains a reference to another file or directory in the form of an absolute or relative path and that affects pathname resolution.


The idea is simple. You create a kind of shortcut in your wp-content directory which points to whichever directory you want to use for your theme or plugin. When WordPress does its thing it picks up the directory you’ve just added and it works.

How to create a symlink on mac (linux)

We create a symlink in the terminal. Here’s how:

unix command is

ln -s source target

source= which directory to make the link to


target= director the symlink should be saved to


the ln command creates hard links. Adding the -s means those links are symbolic

Let’s say you have a folder on your desktop called and a wordpress installation somewhere else, your command might look something like this

ln -s ~/Desktop/sweet-new-theme/ ~/Work/MAMP/wordpress-latest/wp-content/themes

PWA Offline

Say I haven’t got an internet connection… I can test that by… not having an internet connection.

If I open my App, does it show anything? Does it work?

PWAs do. That’s a key feature.

Say you are in the middle of using one of our apps and get on a plane. The app works in flight mode, and when you land your data gets synced as soon as normal connection is resumed.

The user shouldn’t even notice unless the try to load new data and if they do they are politely informed of the lack of connectivity in a way which isn’t intrusive and can be turned off

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Steampunk Software

Do you know what steampunk is? Imagine Victorian society got sophisticated but never invented the microchip.

Sometimes software feels a bit like that if it’s been around for a while.

After a while all roadmaps end with a single question.

How quickly and painlessly can we EOL our steampunk software?